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What Is The Last Thing You Do Before You Launch A Website?

One thing that can be said about human beings is that we are, by and large, creatures of habit. We establish routines, consciously and subconsciously, that help us accomplish tasks or move us more quickly or comfortably through our day. Habits are formed in the design and development community just as they are in nearly every other professional and personal environment, and they serve any number of purposes. In design and development circles, one established habit is seen with the launch of a website or project

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Study: More companies embracing video on their websites

Are you marketing with online video yet? Paul Verna, a senior analyst with eMarketer, says instead of pushing advertisements and sales, retailers are providing consumers with video clips, video blogs, and podcasts. “According to Forrester Research, the percentage of the top 50 U.S. online retailers that offer videos on their sites skyrocketed to 68 percent in 2009 from 18 percent in 2008.” Many claim these multiple video platforms are quickly becoming a necessity in the marketplace. — Susan Young

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Zoltun Design receives four 2010 Communicator Awards

Zoltun Design has won four 2010 Communicator Awards, three Awards of Excellence and one Award of Distinction. Here are the winners: International Poetry Forum Website category:  Interactive, Websites, Performing Arts (www.thepoetryforum.org) NOVA Chemicals/Elemix Product Introduction Box Folder category:  Print/Design, Brochure, …

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Helpful Hints for eNewsletters

Keep it short and sweet. Do not overwhelm the viewer with content. Provide material that the reader can quickly scan in an easy-to-read format (like bullets). Entice the readers to click through to your Web site for more information. The …

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Durr Marketing Associates

Durr Marketing Associates is a distributor of raw materials serving the paint, plastics and coatings industries. Their corporate office is located in the east end of Pittsburgh, but their customer base covers the Eastern United States. Durr has been serving …

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