The web is continually in flux. It can sometimes be problematic for a company trying to leverage a website to help build its business. Over the years, Zoltun has approached web projects from different angles. We’ve found that one key to best serving our clients is flexibility—we adapt to “be the solution” when our clients are faced with the challenges of the web.

We achieve flexibility by working with web partners. Every website project is different; each one is a journey, an exploration of the fundamentals of a client’s business. Because it’s such a collaborative effort, we search for a partner with core competencies that match our client’s industry and their web objectives.

Bringing in partners is a successful business model for Zoltun because it benefits our clients in a couple ways. First and foremost, we’re able to leverage the expertise of these dedicated web professionals. Secondly, Zoltun doesn’t have to employ a full-time web team; this lowers our operating costs with fewer salaries to pay and fewer computers and software to buy…the savings are real, and they are passed on to our clients.

Our website process is a turnkey solution for our clients. For every web project, we assemble a team specifically chosen for that unique project:

Zoltun Account Executive
A project manager and main point of contact for the client, our AEs determine the scope of work, set expectations, write the project proposal, work with the client to establish a timeline, and communicate billing terms.

Zoltun Art Director/Designer
With expertise in art direction and years of experience to draw upon, the AD takes the lead on the visual concept of the website and then designs elements to act in unity with a client’s brand.

Web Partner
Experienced and knowledgeable of the most recent trends in web development, a web partner assists in the planning process and then develops the site based on input from the Zoltun team and the client.

Copywriting Partner
Chosen specifically for his or her ability to write within a client’s brand voice, a copywriting partner develops the messaging for the site and then writes and/or edits the copy for the entire site.

For our clients, the most beneficial part of the Zoltun process is the flexible alliance between the Zoltun team and its partners. We take things step-by-step together, adjusting course as necessary while we work through a sitemap, wireframe design, organizing content, and most importantly, art creation, design, and web development. The process delivers superior results and brings our clients’ ideas to life on the web. If creating a unique web presence in the ever-changing digital world is your problem, then Zoltun is your solution.

And, if you’re wondering who our strategic web partners are, wonder no more:

Forward Trends
Your Site Team


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Written by Craig Carlin