We celebrated National Boss’s Day in style this Wednesday.

The ceremonies began with the Zoltun trip to Nakama, a prefered lunch choice for both Rick and Janey. Once the entire team selected their respective meal option, the theatrics ensued. The hibachi grill roared and was illuminated with flames. The talented chef deflected enthusiasm back in our direction when he shaped a mound of fried rice into a heart, in the best interpretation of ‘playing with your food’ to date.

Once we enjoyed every last bite of our Japanese–inspired lunch, the festivities were relocated to Zoltun Studios for cake and pie. As the debate between the two delicious pastries followed, there was a perfectly even number of cake and pie eaters, six of each. 

We appreciate Rick and Janey Zoltun, and we were happy to wish them both a Happy National Boss’s Day!

By Nicholas Poprocky

Hibachi grill with rising flames. Hibachi grill with rising flames. Soon–to–be fried rice in the shape of a heart. Onion volcano on Hibachi shoots fire. Colorful cake and dedicate pie to celebrate National Boss's Day. Rick and Janey Zoltun in a sea of hands that are showing appreciation for them on their honorary day.