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The Zone: Welcome!

Welcome to the latest issue of The Zone! As you can see, The Zone has had a little makeover, and we hope you dig the new look as much as we do. We’ve been crazy-busy for the past few months, …

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2010 ATHENA Award

The Greek goddess Athena was the original heroine. Known as “Athena, Goddess of Wisdom,” her roles in ancient Grecian times were as diplomat, planner, and mediator. She was renowned for her fairness and compassion, yet also for her strategic and …

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Zoltun Design receives four 2010 Communicator Awards

Zoltun Design has won four 2010 Communicator Awards, three Awards of Excellence and one Award of Distinction. Here are the winners: International Poetry Forum Website category:  Interactive, Websites, Performing Arts ( NOVA Chemicals/Elemix Product Introduction Box Folder category:  Print/Design, Brochure, …

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