Great design skills must be genetic.

There is a framed drawing of the Apple logo filled with intricate designs and a hidden power button on Senior Graphic Designer Debbie Gregg’s wall that may be a collector’s item in the not-so-distant future. The drawing was a gift from Debbie’s niece, Brita Thompson, who just received a big honor with a new design—she won Starbucks’ (yes, that Starbucks) White Cup Contest.

When Brita learned of the competition, she purchased 12 cups from the Starbucks in Market Square, set up shop in Point State Park, and got to work. Three weeks after she submitted her design on social media, she received news that she beat out almost 4000 other artists with her creation. Her design will be available for purchase on reusable cups (thicker versions of the original Starbucks cups that last for up to 30 uses) on the Starbucks website in September, and she will receive a $300 Starbucks gift certificate and 25 cups with her designs on them. Debbie, of course, will be one of the lucky 25 to receive a cup, and promises to display it on her desk at Zoltun. And with all that free coffee, we can’t wait to see what Brita’s caffeinated drawing hand comes up with next.

Be sure to check out Brita’s work for sale on Esty:


Brita's photo submission to the contest on social media.
Brita’s winning photo submission to the contest on social media.