“Color is light and light is energy. Scientists have found that actual physiological changes take place in human beings when they are exposed to certain colors. Colors can stimulate, excite, depress, tranquilize, increase appetite, and create a feeling of warmth or coolness. This is known as chromodynamics. People will actually gamble more and make riskier bets when seated under a red light as opposed to a blue light. That’s why Las Vegas is the city of red neon” (www.pantone.com).

So, when you’re throwing around color ideas for a room, think about how you want to feel while you’re in there: calm? powerful? creative? productive?

Some atypical ideas for the interior designer in all of us:

Moss green adds some warmth to your office and good if you’re working alone. Try a sage color to stay in productive mode all day.

Light Orange is an energizing color that evokes creativity and brightness. Stick with a lighter, “Creamsicle” kind of orange as opposed to carrot orange, and you won’t go crazy on days when you’re just not feeling the pep.

Olive is a terrific color for when you’re supposed to be concentrating for hours at a time. An earthy tone, olive walls tend to not be distracting, which will help to keep you focused.

Magenta is a blend of purples, reds, and pinks, making it a rich and powerful color that can actually enhance concentration and spark ideas. Magenta’s probably best for a “statement” wall, or for someone in a more creative field… we don’t know many accountants who are just dying for magenta walls. (But we’re sure they’re out there.)