We’re back for s’more.

Some people enjoy marshmallows toasted to perfection between a couple of graham crackers and melted chocolate. Others may prefer them right out of the bag, or miniatures floating in their breakfast cereal.

But Drop It Like It’s Hot prefers them doused in Frank’s Red Hot (because we put that sh*@ on everything). 

Six Zoltunites… two kinds of marshmallows—fresh from the bag, and charred in the toaster oven. 

The outcome was rather divisive. 

John, JoJo, and Theresa gave a resounding thumbs up to the toasted variety, and thumbs WAY down on the non-toasted ones. Rick scarfed down both versions, and was ready to go back for seconds!

Tayler and Nick totally agreed with each other… ewwwwww on both kinds.

This edition of “Drop It” yielded the most impressive split so far.

Who knows what odd pairing will tantalize the Zoltunites next time?

If you have any ideas to spice up our Drop It Like It’s Hot series, we’d love to hear from you. You just may see your pairing become our next challenge.

By Theresa Poprocky and Nicholas Poprocky