Here we go again.

This time, six willing Zoltun participants doused fresh radishes with hot sauce—
Adele, Casey, Jojo, John, Tayler, and Nick.

The enthusiastic six were anxious to jump right in. 

The consensus was unanimously positive with a rabble-rousing thumbs up! This reaction caught Theresa off guard, as she was expecting quite the opposite.

It goes to show, you just never know.

While this attempt at pairing quirky foods with their saucy hot counterpart produced a positive reaction, the next experiment could prove altogether different results.

So stay tuned for more weird matchups in our Drop It Like It’s Hot series.

If you have any ideas to spice up the Drop It Like It’s Hot series, we’d love to hear them. You just may see your pairing become our next challenge. 

By Theresa Poprocky and Nicholas Poprocky