What do you do when you have to get the perfect shot and you’re short on time? You turn your office into a photo studio, of course!

We needed some dynamic images for a heart-warming collaboration with our good pal (and good sport), Tom. So we set up shop in Theresa’s office and clicked away.

The photo will be a small part of an exciting endeavor for Zoltun. Just wait until you see the finished project!

Swaddy 9A
We commandeered every bit of usable space to transform Theresa’s office into Tommy’s Tailor Shop.
Swaddy 4A copy
Concentrating on capturing the perfect moment.
This isn’t the final shot we chose, but it is one of my favorite outtakes.
Tom has such a sweet and charismatic presence. I think you can really see it shining through here!

peace and pixels,