Finding a way to clear your mind and de-stress in these crazy times is beneficial to everyone, but it is essential to the creative thinker.

Some people take long walks, practice yoga, or find a peaceful place to relax. I find my solitude while fly-fishing on a clear mountain stream deep in the woods, or on a peaceful lake at dawn. I refer to these trips as “going to my happy place” or a way to “get my mind right.” There, I can free myself from the stress of work and everyday life.

I’ve spent days in the mountains alone, not speaking to another soul. Sometimes, the peace and solitude make me resist the thought of going back to the chaos of a regular day. But, when I do return, I find myself refreshed and ready to focus on new challenges.

For a designer, this is at the core of the creative process. With a clear mind, taking on a complex problem results in a more creative solution. So, I hope sharing the source of my clarity can help you find your own. Give your creativity the recharge it needs and go discover your happy place.

Written by Mark Markovic