On Wednesday morning, a collection of Zoltunites traveled down West Carson Street to The Education Partnership

looking to spend some valuable time giving back.  Seven members of our team were proud to collaborate in building school supply kits for elementary and middle school students.

There are schools across the city of Pittsburgh and the United States that may not have the access to sufficient school supplies for their students. The Education Partnership makes annual efforts all year to equip students with all of the materials that they need to keep learning in and out of the classroom. Having just entered their 11th year, TEP are pros at lending a hand to those who may need it. 

The Zoltun volunteers helped pack nearly 300 bags of supplies for students, which included essential items like notebooks, pencils, crayons, toothbrushes, tissues, and much more. 

Of all the wonderful supplies that these students will receive through TEP, one item in particular put a smile on our faces. Every child will receive a handmade note with an inspiring message within their bags. Many of these phrases were short and very sweet, meant to empower the students and encourage their development in school and at home. 

It was a rewarding experience, to say the least. The chance to give back to this younger generation and promote creative development is a priceless responsibility. 

To learn more about The Education Partnership, visit https://theeducationpartnership.org

Who knows, maybe you will want to get involved, too! 

By Nick Poprocky