Some work-from-home days are a bit (or should I say “bat”) more hectic than others.

Monday, July 6th, was a normal day in my home office. It was the first day back at my desk after the long July 4th weekend. So I was well rested and raring to get busy. The day went well. I finished up a lot of small projects and the day “flew” by. Before you knew it, my workday was done.

Time for some “me” time.

Since the onset of COVID-19, the Zumba classes I normally attended twice a week were suspended. In the interim, I have been working out to different YouTube exercise videos in my basement, frequently changing it up in an effort to maintain my regular cardio momentum.

As I was slipping on my tennis shoes, I felt something buzz past my head. It took a second for me to grasp what I just encountered, and then I screamed my freakin’ head off, grabbed my phone, and ran out my back door onto my patio!!!


Suddenly my normal day took a very non-normal turn. Yes… I had a “bat in my belfry” (that just sounds more poetic than saying basement).

Well, I learned a LOT more than I had ever cared to know about the humane way to respond to having a bat (or multiple bats) in your home. For instance, I had no idea that bats are a protected species, and that July and August are their active months.

Long story short, there are humane groups whose sole purpose is to free creatures back into the wild, seal up your home to keep future instances from occurring, and help you regain your home’s safety and security. It was a 6-week experience that I won’t soon forget.

And to my temporary roommate(s)… it was nice providing you respite for a few weeks, but I am happy to have set you free so you can seek a new person to drive batty and cause a few gray hairs.

Until next time.

Written by Theresa Poprocky