Late last year, Zoltun found a way to combine design and donation.

It should be no surprise that the Alliance for Children and Families’ “Agency of the Year” made it on to Zoltun’s radar last year. That agency was Auberle, a McKeesport-based center that provides services for at-risk children, youth, and families. Theresa and Judy traveled to the agency in June and learned about its rich 61-year history, from its start as one building serving only boys to its current six-campus span of counseling, residential, and training services for children and families of both genders. Theresa and Judy were especially moved by stories of the agency’s investment in its residents even after they graduate from the program—a child who dreams of becoming a chef will not just receive a stack of books; instead, he or she will get a behind-the-scenes opportunity to learn alongside campus chefs, or even an outside placement at a restaurant.

The June meeting at Auberle only reinforced Zoltun’s desire to get involved, and as fate would have it, we were soon presented with just that opportunity. Eaton, our friend, client, and Auberle supporter, recruited Zoltun for design assistance with Voices Carry, Auberle’s annual fundraising concert. Zoltun designed the guide map and signage that were displayed at the event on October 1, 2013. We wish we could say that our designs were responsible for the $132,914 raised at the 2013 Voices Carry—a $33,000 increase from 2012—but we’re pretty sure it’s because the event supports such a great cause, and Zoltun was very happy to play a small part in it.

So happy, in fact, that we didn’t stop there. After Voices Carry, we learned about Special Santa, Auberle’s program that provides gifts for children who live at the agency, are in foster care, or receive in-home services. Thanks to several Zoltun employees and their families, we provided Auberle children with nine gifts from their holiday wish lists. We loved the opportunities to meet the great people behind Auberle last year, and we look forward to continuing this relationship in 2014.

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Tri-fold Raffle Map and Guide for Voices Carry
Tri-fold Raffle Map and Guide for Voices Carry