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Laurel Print & Graphics Open House

Last Thursday, a few Zoltunites attended the Laurel Print & Graphics Open House, celebrating the grand opening of their new facility in Duquesne, PA. Laurel is a great go-to source for wide format printing. Run, don’t walk!!! Their friendly team …

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Drop It Like It’s Hot — Radish

Here we go again. This time, six willing Zoltun participants doused fresh radishes with hot sauce— Adele, Casey, Jojo, John, Tayler, and Nick. The enthusiastic six were anxious to jump right in.  The consensus was unanimously positive with a rabble-rousing …

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National Boss’s Day 2019

We celebrated National Boss’s Day in style this Wednesday. The ceremonies began with the Zoltun trip to Nakama, a prefered lunch choice for both Rick and Janey. Once the entire team selected their respective meal option, the theatrics ensued. The …

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Drop It Like It’s Hot — Apricot

A trio of Zoltunites—Theresa, Jojo, and Nick (this week’s 3 instigators)—have decided to share their ongoing quest to uncover which foods pair nicely with hot sauce… … and which clearly do not.  They’ve been experimenting off-and-on for a couple of …

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Dear To My Heart

My favorite thing about the South Side is… wait for it… where I spend most hours of my day… Zoltun Design. Hear me out, especially coworkers who may think this is me schmoozing some certain bosses’ you know whats. It …

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Riverfront Trail

People, offices, restaurants, companies, homes, etc.; these, and more, are the essential things that keep the South Side running. But according to John Michalski, the “hidden gems” are what makes it so endearing and original. For the last six or …

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