Fiscal Year Impact Brochure

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The University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute is Pitt’s hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. We were very happy to work with our clients there to create a piece of literature that would showcase the impact of the Innovation Institute’s efforts. Focusing on easy-to-understand infographics and other intriguing visuals, we designed this trifold brochure for the Institute to use for self-promotion purposes.

Our main contact at the Innovation Institute had this to say: “Zoltun helped us develop the brochure to tell the story of our organization’s impact in well-organized, digestible factoids with eye-catching icons to support our Fiscal 2016 results. The content was designed to be modular so that we could pull out individual statistics and highlights for social media campaigns and for placement on digital screens throughout the University.”

The Innovation Institute provides a comprehensive suite of services for Pitt Innovators, from protecting intellectual property to the commercialization of new discoveries through licensing and/or new enterprise development. The Institute also provides a wealth of educational programming, mentoring, and networking for Pitt faculty, students, and partners.

Through the affiliated Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence, the Innovation Institute also assists entrepreneurs throughout Western Pennsylvania in starting, growing or transitioning their businesses.

For more information about the Innovation Institute, click here.

  • Client: University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute
  • Location: Pittsburgh, PA
  • Date: 2016-09-30
  • Categories: Creative · Education · Non-Profit