Global Service Centers Launch Kit

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SPX FLOW, Inc., a global multi-industry manufacturing company, was planning to open more than 20 aftermarket
service centers around the world. In support of this endeavor, they asked us to create a launch kit to be used at each
one. Its purpose is to give instructions for a QR code initiative and serve as storage for all printed promotional materials.

Working closely with SPX FLOW, we determined an appropriate size and structure for the kit—a corrugated cardboard box that
contains an insert to house postcards, a roll of labels, and a USB drive. Not only did we drive the production of the box
and insert, but we also designed the postcards, QR code labels, instruction label, and exterior box label.

The postcards are sent to prospective aftermarket customers, and the QR code labels are attached to all equipment the
center services. When the QR code on the label is scanned with the company’s app, customers are instantly
put in contact with the local service center through a microsite, which we also had a part in designing.

  • Client: SPX FLOW, Inc.
  • Location: Charlotte, NC
  • Date: 2015-04
  • Categories: Creative · Industrial · Manufacturing