With the holidays being hectic and crazy like always, we think it’s important to sometimes take a minute to breathe in and appreciate all of the things that we have. And we at Zoltun have so much to be thankful for: we work in a great environment with all types of cool people, we all get along (usually!), and really, we’re kind of like a big extended family.

We wanted to share our holiday spirit with some people whose holidays might need a little kick– our veterans, our troops overseas in Afghanistan, and their families.

The kids from our families and friends gathered up their ideas about wintertime and holiday joy and drew some heartwarming pictures to make a collection of cards with a message on the back.

We then handed them off to the American Red Cross’ Holiday Cards for Heroes initiative, which sends the cards all over the world in the hopes of putting a smile on a soldier’s face.

Here are just a few samples – we created over 300 cards!