Even though it was a balmy December in the ‘Burgh this winter, there was a flurry of activity at Zoltun Design. There were last-minute projects to get out the door, year-end budgets to close out, new client introductions to be made, and of course our annual Zoltun employee holiday lunch. Because Mother Nature wasn’t cooperating with at least a light dusting of the white stuff for ambiance, we thought we would make a little ambiance of our own… by way of a snowflake-making contest. And with a staff of really creative minds under our roof, you can just imagine that it got pretty interesting!

Patricia Warman Snowflake
designs by Patricia Warman


Tayler Wentz Snowflake
design by Tayler Wentz


Zoltun Snowflakes
designs by Zoltun Staff


Written by Theresa Poprocky