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Three Little Birds

For Angel Rose, the South Side is a location in which she can do what she loves and expand her career. For her daughter, it helped become a catalyst for a daily reminder to be calm and do good to …

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Z Crew at DQ

Mondays are difficult enough; getting out of bed, maneuvering through the traffic, circumventing that 2:30 feeling, etc. While everybody has their own way to combat their case of the Monday blues, those efforts usually require something a little out of …

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New Toys

  I always get excited about tools that make designing easier. These pens came from Muji. I love their precise formula of form and function. And who doesn’t love packaging that includes Japanese characters? peace and pixels, amanda

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Project Profile — Eaton Invitation

Eaton needed a clever delivery system for presenting executive invitees with a USB Smart Button that would assist them in registering for an upcoming technical symposium. When the plan called for simple and sophisticated packaging, I knew I had the …

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